Our Technology Heap at Coffee Touches Bagel. We’re a mobile-first and mobile-only company

Our Technology Heap at Coffee Touches Bagel. We’re a mobile-first and mobile-only company

Probably the most typical inquiries that meeting candidates query when they interview here at Coffee touches Bagel are, “Understanding your own tech heap?” it is in addition the most common inquiries I have around bay area while participating in tech meetups and meetings and these. Very available interested prospects and other people interested just how a leading level dating team has built her system, here you go, I’ll make an effort to break it down obtainable.

Very first, at a high-level:

  • All of our Android application was indigenous (coffee)
  • The apple’s ios app is local (Swift + Objective C)
  • Our backend software coating was Python & Scala
  • We utilize Golang for most information pipeline tasks
  • All of our backend is usually in AWS with some in yahoo www.datingmentor.org/spiritual-dating-sites affect
  • We strive for fully automatic screening
  • Today, let’s enter some nitty-gritty, shall we?

    Why are we mobile merely?

    We possess a splash page (and multiple marketing and advertising websites every now and then), but the just accessibility things for our software become the cellular Android and iOS clients. We really started with best an internet site in 2012, but as soon as we launched the apple’s ios app in 2013, all of our web traffic fallen to something such as 40per cent in our total site visitors. After that, once we established our Android software in 2014, website traffic plummeted to less than 5per cent of total site visitors. At that point, we chose it really ended up beingn’t worth it to utilize all of our restricted technology sources to compliment the internet site, therefore we fell they and transformed it into simply a landing page that directs browsers to either the application shop or Gamble Store.

    I shall create the details of our mobile design for the next blog post, hopefully as written by one of the outstanding mobile designers, but at a high-level your cellular developing approach was:

  • The mobile programs include “dumb” customers. Their own primary tasks is present the information provided by all of our backend in an appealing, performant, secure, and delightful trend. We make this happen by sticking semi-strictly to relaxing web solution basics.
  • Separation of issues is essential for maintainability, balance, and testability. New signal authored should follow a VIPER routine (for iOS) or MVVM (for Android os).
  • We’re on the path to automating UI evaluating on apple’s ios using XCTest.
  • We’re at this time automating a lot of the UI testing, and useful assessment, on Android os utilizing Appium.
  • 3rd Party equipment from the cellular area:

  • iOS group uses Bitrise for CI
  • Android os employees uses Jenkins for CI
  • Firebase for real-time chat
  • Localytics for analytics
  • Textile (Crashlytics) for collision revealing and beta team management
  • Twitter for verification
  • As I’ve mentioned before, we have been practically completely in AWS, for best or bad, so we are nearly entirely a Python store. I’ll create the details of one’s backend architecture for ideally the next article from in our exceptional backend designers, but also for here’s some more info.

    We use several AWS solutions:

  • Cloudfront giving us fast global the means to access cached info
  • S3 for picture storing, facts backups, and hosting fixed the internet sites
  • SQS (straightforward Queuing services) for queuing up various asynchronous jobs
  • ALB (Application burden Balancer) for managing burden and routing visitors to the best services
  • Cloudwatch for tracking and worrying
  • Redshift for data warehousing
  • ElasticCache for maintained Redis in regards to our formula group
  • VPC (Virtual personal affect) to protect the computers from outdoors industry and from 1 another
  • Kinesis to flow events throughout our system
  • We also use a variety of database engineering:

  • Redis (Monolith — master / slave create) w/ HAProxy for history in memory databases
  • Redis (Cluster) for horizontally scalable in memory space databases
  • Postgres w/ HAProxy for transaction database
  • Cassandra split over 2 datacenters
  • ElasticSearch for searching / filtering means information needs
  • With respect to tracking:

  • Sentry for error reporting
  • Grafana for advanced level dashboards and graphs
  • Cloudwatch for tracking and worrying everything AWS relevant
  • Pagerduty for managing our very own on-call routine and awakening you right up in the evening
  • Opscenter for monitoring Cassandra
  • Kibana for record aggregation
  • Kopf for ElasticSearch tracking
  • Brand-new Relic for servers / system wellness spying
  • Different third party Providers server-side:

  • Localytics for statistics and delivering forces
  • Mailchimp for giving e-mails
  • Department for website link generation and attribution
  • Facebook for authentication and common buddy computations
  • Firebase for real time speak
  • Jenkins for creates, deployments, and arranged jobs
  • Imgix for graphics caching and in-the-cloud transformations
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